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Improvise, Sight Read and Solo Like a Pro

Sight Reading

Unlimited exercises you can customize and configure yourself. Exercises start easy, then become more difficult as your skills improve.


Lessons that teach you the fundamentals of improvisation and soloing, applicable to all instruments

Practice Machine

Generate highly customizable, unlimited chord sequences and melodies you can play along with.




Spontaneously create melodies over songs and chord progressions

Great soloists can improvise a cool melody over any tune in any genre, be it Rock, Blues, Jazz, Alt, Grunge, Country or anything else. It's easy to tell when a soloist knows what they are doing because it just "sounds right".

How do they do it? Plenty of practice, that's for sure. But it's more than that. There are tools and techniques - a "language" that all accomplished musicians know and use. Learn To Solo will teach you the language of improvisation and provide lessons and tools to help you become the best soloist you can be.

Sight Reading

The best musicians know how to read music

What do Eric Clapton, Eddie Van Halen, Chet Baker, and Wes Montgomery all have in common? They couldn't read music.

But, they are rare exceptions. The list of great soloists that could read music is a whole lot longer. If you want to be a great soloist you will be well served to learn to read music. And Learn To Solo will help you do it.

Learn To Solo's "Practice Machine" generates an infinite number of sight reading exercises, custom generated to suit your level. You can play along with each exercise, or turn off the audio and play along to test yourself.



Lessons, from beginner to advanced, designed to work hand-in-glove with the Practice Machine

Learn To Solo's lessons will help move you through each level of your personal development as a musician whether beginner, intermediate, or advanced. Once you complete a lession, you'll practice what you learned using "real life" exercises in the Practice Machine.

Lessons will cover reading music, scales, chord progressions and more, each in service of helping you become a better musician and a soloist, no matter what your instrument.

Practice Machine

Thousands of exercises, melodies and chord progressions will keep you busy for a long, long time

The Practice MachineTM is a unique learning tool designed specifically to help musicians solo, improvise and read music, no matter what their instrument.

You'll tell the Practice Machine what level you want to work at, the chord progressions you are studying, and the scales you'd like to use, and the Practice Machine does the rest. It generates sequences of chords and melodies that "make sense" - and will help you practice the underlying concepts taught in each lesson.

You can also use the Practice Machine to generate thousands of chord progressions of all types (Rock, Jazz, Blues, etc) and improvise along with the changes.


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